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Storage Units Plymouth

Why not hire one of our storage units in Plymouth, for all your belongings that are getting in the way or need saving for a rainy day? We have a range of options to suit small, medium or large loads. Furthermore, we can also provide temporary stowing of your belongings if moving out dates and moving in dates do not coincide. We are not a run-of-the-mill self-storage facility but a secure, state-of-the-art holding unit, so you know your items are in safe hands. Moreover, we can also provide expert advice on how to protect your items, as well as full and partial packing services, ready to be safely stowed. So, get in touch with a member of the team today to discuss availability at our facility.

Our Storage Facilities

Our storage facilities are highly secure with the latest CCTV systems, intruder alarms and fire detection in place to best protect your possessions. Not to mention, our staff are highly trained and our premises are fully insured for your total peace of mind. Our new, built-for-purpose site provides you with a clean, dry environment in which to keep your things. Furthermore, you can request as much or as little space as you need, for as long as is required. Perfect for:

  • Students needing to store belongings before or after terms at university
  • Interim holding solutions, useful for delayed moving dates
  • Securely holding any stock for commercial businesses and private traders
  • House clearance, remove clutter from your home without having to dispose of it
  • Office and commercial storing options for new furniture or electrical equipment
  • Filing solutions, safely store important documentation and archived file

Temporary Storage

If you need to arrange short-term holding for belongings here in Plymouth, then give Cambridge Removals & Storage a call. Our flexible plans start at just £5 per week and can last as long as you need. Temporary storage is useful if your moving day has been delayed and you need to hold items temporarily, or for students transitioning between accommodations. Whatever the reason for requiring one of our units, we have affordable solutions to suit.

Long Term Storage

Cambridge Removals & Storage can also help if you require long term storage in Plymouth too. Our rates are highly competitive and our units come in many sizes for storing both large and small quantities. Thus, making them perfect for everything from large furniture and appliances through to filing and paperwork.

Secure Storage

Our high-security holding units are protected with the latest alarm systems and all units are securely locked. We have cameras and surveillance in 24-hour operation as well as intruder alerts for your 100% confidence. Thus, our secure storage facilities offer an unrivalled solution in Plymouth for protecting your valuables, confidential documentation and other items of financial or personal significance. We also offer commercial shredding too, for secure disposal of confidential data.

Top Tips for

Furniture Storage

If you are arranging furniture storage it is wise to consider how you will protect your items while they are at the unit. Making suitable preparations can help to protect the finish, fabric, paintwork and cleanliness of your belongings during this period. Consider:

  • Polishing

Glass, wooden and metal furnishings can be polished, waxed or lacquered to protect the surfaces. Consult the manufacturer’s recommendations for the correct cleaning methods for your item.

  • Washing and Drying

Fabric furniture such as sofas and mattresses should be washed and thoroughly dried before stowing, to prevent mould and mildew developing. For delicate materials such as silk or lace, a professional cleaner should be contacted to prevent damages. Always consult the manufacturer guidelines for cleaning advice.

  • Packaging

Consider fabric covers for wooden or fabric items, to prevent condensation and moisture build-up in storage. Dust sheets and blankets allow better airflow while protecting from dust. Meanwhile, bubble wrap is a great solution for protecting glassware such as mirrors and photo frames.

  • Dismantling

Dismantling furniture can allow for safer transit. When dismantling larger furniture be sure to protect the parts individually to prevent damage and then make sure all the protected parts are kept together. Labelling items may prove helpful so that parts are not misplaced.

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For a competitive quote and access to our storage units in Plymouth, get in touch with Cambridge Removals & Storage today.

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