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Moving House Checklist

Keep organised on moving day with our moving house checklist available for download.

One Month Before Moving House

It is wise to get organised at least one month before moving house. There is plenty to get prepared at this stage of the process including:

  • Notifying all of your service providers of the upcoming change of address
  • Updating your memberships and subscriptions with your new information
  • Beginning to itemise your belongings, including large items to be moved
  • Removing or selling unwanted items and clutter so you can start fresh
  • Making any childcare provisions such as finding a school or nursery space
  • Start packing items you don’t need access to and spread out the workload

One Week before Moving Day

You may be feeling the pressure now as moving day looms, but don’t let worry spoil the excitement. If you have been following our checklist you are likely to be ahead of the game. A few things to consider one week before moving day include:

  • Disposing of unwanted clutter such as paperwork, garden waste and litter
  • Making sure your vehicle is in good order for long-distance house moves
  • Make travel arrangements for your pets and prepare entertainment for children
  • Ensure all important documentation is accessible, such as itineraries or contracts
  • Arrange moving insurance if transporting valuable items, furniture or antiques

The Day Before You Move

It is the day before you move and there may be a bit of work to get done ahead of moving day. With 24 hours to go it is time to:

  • Defrost or clean all large kitchen appliances such as ovens, fridges and freezers
  • Ensure you make any final payments to your removal company or estate agent
  • Don’t forget to take down curtains, curtain rails and blinds from your windows
  • Be sure to leave out any food needed for breakfast or travel snacks
  • Get a good night’s rest

Moving Day

Moving day has arrived and your property is probably a hive of activity, making sure nothing is left behind, everything is on the moving truck and the family are all ready to go. Don’t forget to:

  • Disassemble the last of your furniture, unless your removal company are handling this!
  • Get all keys, paperwork, snacks and other travelling essentials together ready to go
  • Final checks of all rooms, including cupboards, loft spaces, basements or outbuildings
  • Finally, keep the kettle to hand for your friendly and professional removal company

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