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Learn how to lift items correctly to avoid injury

Whether you’re lifting moving boxes into the garage or preparing to move house, please take a moment to ensure you are lifting these boxes in the correct manner, even so if you have recently suffered any injury, please take a moment to read the following tips to ensure you lift these boxes safely. 

Check the contents: 

This particular box could contain items such as wool, cushions, towels or heavy books, either way, please check the contents of the box prior to lifting it so as you are aware of how heavy this could potentially be.  In addition please check the condition of the box are there any damages to the outside, has the box been in a damp environment etc, if so not lifting this in the correct manner could potentially cause breakages if this box is dropped or you could seriously injure yourself. From a safety point of view if the box is too heavy please ask a friend or neighbour to help you.

Clearing the destination: 

Before you move the boxes, please check the destination is clear, double check for tripping hazards, are any steps to go up or down? Generally we just note the hazards and walk over them, however, when carrying heavy boxes this can be a bit tricky.


The correct posture to have when lifting heavy boxes is to keep your back straight and squat level with your box, make sure you have a firm grip on either side of the box and slowly lift. If you need more leverage, we would recommend kneeling with one knee in front and use your back leg to help raise you and the box upright.


When carrying the box we would suggest keeping the box close to your body and keep your back straight at all times. Please avoid twisting and bending over as this could give you a very serious injury.  If you need to move in another direction, take small steps and move into the new direction.

Placing the box: 

Once you are ready to place the box down, follow the rules which you did to start with, remembering to keep your back straight, letting your legs support your weight, squatting to the correct level place the box down gently avoiding and potential damages once you’ve moved the box to the appropriate place.   

We understand it is hard work when moving house, why not let us manage this process for you, at Cambridge Removals & Storage we are trained to carry all types of heavy and difficult objects.  Our team are polite and professional and are trained to complete all different types of removals.  Please do not hesitate to contact us to provide you with a stress-free removal service.

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